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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Established in December 2020 by Field experts, “TECHNECORE” is a Management Technology company focusing on employing solutions to co-create value for governments, businesses and societies.

Our definition of value creation includes developing solutions based on responsible and ethical technologies to achieve long term sustainability goals. 

Our Philosophy

Technecore is committed to empower creating businesses in line with its core philosophy through its network of stakeholders including financiers, business partners and entrepreneurs. Technecore is committed to creating mechanisms/ecosystems of knowledge-transfer in all our projects and ventures.      

Our knowledge of business management and state-of-the-art technologies will contribute to apply cost-effective-sustainable solutions to our consultancy clients and own ventures. We aim at offering the public & private sectors with solutions for optimum/optimized management of resources and value creation.    

We apply our philosophy & principles that we believe are the path to our targeted financial success. We plan to engage in projects which will use management & Technology to initiate a positive impact on more sustainable societies where we want to live.    

We work with our clients and partners to achieve their business objectives and goals. We (create partnerships/ collaborate) to pinpoint the business requirements and use our available expertise & resources to meet those requirements in the most efficient-sustainable (manner/means/approach).     

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